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Title : I Remember You
Author : Heavenly23
Rating : G
Pairing :Sakuraiba
Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut (In future chapters), AU
Lenght: Chaptered
Chapter: 1/?
Summary: Sho had an accident and all his memories from the time he was dating Masaki dissapeared. He had to step aside, and start his life without him but Masaki never forgot Sho. One day, Sho came into the store where Masaki is working as a part-time employee. Can it be destiny?
[livejournal.com profile] hinode91 (Aby) Thank you for all your help and for encouraging me to write this waifu!


"Are you ok...?" The boy asked with a slight trace of worry on his face.

"Ah... yes, sorry. This will be 670 yen" Masaki answered trying to be as normal as possible, but it was really hard. It had been a year since the last time he had seen that smile for the last time, and all the memories opened the scars on his heart again...


Masaki opened the hospital door running into the first doctor he saw, reduced to a mixture of tears and fear. He didn't care about how many people was looking at him with surprise, or like he was crazy.

"Please where can I found the waiting room for the OR's...?" Masaki asked breathless.

"Go to the next level and turn right... but don't run, this is a hospital!" The doctor said when he started to run ahead to the stairs, but he couldn't obey. He needed to see Sho as soon as possible... He needed to knew that he was fine...

He walked into the waiting room, taking a deep breath, and he saw them there. Sho's parents and siblings . He got closer, greeting them with a whisper, feeling ashamed in front of them. He asked about Sho's condition. His mother was crying sitting near the operating room's door and ignored him, but Shun, Sho's father, leaned to Masaki and talked to him like he was trash with his voice full of pain.

"This is all your fault... It was a shame having my firstborn going out with ... another boy, but I knew you weren't good,  you perverted my boy... and you can be satisfied now, we don't know if he's going to be alive or not... We can lose our son thanks to you!"

"Dad... stop it now please... it's not the right moment..." Sho's little sister, Mai, asked quietly and his father returned to his place, with his lips pursed.

Those words slapped Masaki harder than a real slap. Yes it was all his fault. If it wasn't for him Sho would be ok by now... But even knowing it, he couldn't do anything more than wait and pray for him to be ok. He loved him more than anyone and if something happened for real, he...

With his head down and in silence he went and took a seat alone, away from Sho's family, waiting for news in the silence of the room, broken only by the cries of Sho's mother.

One hour later, maybe more, because it seemed like an eternity in hell, a doctor came into the waiting room announcing that Sho was out danger, but said that they still needed to wait until Sho woke up to know something for sure.

Masaki didn't went home that night and Sho's family acted like he wasn't there. They were sitting on the seats outside Sho's room. Only Mai approached him, asking him if he wanted a coffee. But he refused it shaking his head. He couldn't swallow anything. He was just waiting for Sho to open his eyes to tell him he was really sorry... to ask him to forgive him...

When the doctor came again late in the morning with a smile, giving them the news they were waiting for, only Sho's parent were allowed to enter the room. Masaki just waited there, with Sho's brother and sister, but he could hear Sho talking to his parents.

"What happened...? And where's Satomi-chan...? I want to talk with her..."

Hearing that name felt like someone was squeezing his heart. Satomi was Sho's ex girlfriend, the one who was dating Sho before Masaki. Why was Sho asking about her...? He felt some kind of dizzy, and he rested his back on the hall walls.

The answer came soon anyway, when Sho's father walked directly to him, with a little smile on his face. On one side, Masaki knew it was because Sho was ok, but in the other side... it was scary.

"Mai, Shu, your brother wants to see you both." Shun Sakurai waited until nobody else were on the hall outside the room, before talking  again. "He's ok now. Seems like he will need time... but he's alive. He doesn't remember anything that happened on the last half year... and that means he doesn't remember you either." Sho's father make a pause, looking at Masaki contemptuously. "Go home now and don't come again. I'm asking you as a father. This was your fault after all. Let him be happy."


Time flies. It had been more than a year since the accident now.

He graduated from high school and went to a college in Tokyo. He never tried to contact him again. Just like the two month he spent with Sho had not been the best time of his life. But Sho deserved something better. Sho deserved to be happy and... his own brain erased him completely, so Masaki felt like it was his punishment, and he accepted it.

But I didn't expect to found you again like this... It feels like I'm in hell again...

That was the last coherent though Masaki had that night, before he started crying with all his might. He really never forgot him, but he learned how to deal with the pain... until now.

The next day started with a really great headache and with Masaki trying to cover it with a big dose of painkillers. He had classes at college, and then he need to go to work again. He felt the temptation of just asking for a free day, but it wasn't his style to run away from responsibilities, so he just showered, take his belongings and went to university with a fake smile.
But Masaki couldn't deceive everyone with that smile. As soon as Nino looked him when they met at the college entrance, the older knew that something was wrong.

"Wow Aiba-shi... What happened? You look like a zombie today! I should shoot you in the head!" Nino joked.

"Can we meet after my work...?" Was the only thing Masaki said to his friend without even a laugh.

Nino just nodded. He knew something serious happened since Masaki's voice was trembling a little. He could notice every change of his best friend, even with the loud sound of people talking and laughing around them. Suddenly the air around him seemed colder, as if Masaki himself had turned into a block of ice. And he had that gaze again... almost like when everything happened...
"Masaki... did you...?" Nino started again but was cut off by Masaki who smiled like a broken porcelain doll.

"I'll tell you later, I just... don't want to talk about it here. Ok? Pick me up at 7, I'll treat you to dinner"

Both boys said goodbye with their hands. Masaki headed to his classroom while Nino took the other hall to his.

The morning went just as slow as Masaki's thoughts, looking through the window moving his pen up and down, drawing lines all over the black page. But the afternoon went even worse.

Nobody came into the konbini after midday, and when the clock touched 17:30 he went into the locker room to change into his private clothes while keeping an eye on the cameras. He was trying so hard to not cry, that he didn't realized that a customer was waiting for him at the cash register.

"Someone there...?" The boy asked with a bento and a coke over the counter.

"I'm sorry! I was changing and the boy for the next work shift is late today..."  His voice was cut off when he saw Sho standing there with a slight trace of impatience on his face. "Let me take this..." He whispered, to cover the fact that his voice was trembling.

"Ah, you're the same boy as yesterday! Are you here every day?" Sho smiled and Masaki felt like his heart skipped a beat. "Sorry I'm in a hurry right now... I'm late for my kendo's lesson..."

"I really apologize for the trouble... I shouldn't go change before the other employee arrives... It'll be 1.500 yen" Masaki lowered his gaze and took the money from Sho's hand, shivering a little.

"Don't worry, to be honest I'm trying to give up on it, 'cause I want to focus on my career... But my parents are already disappointed since I didn't go to Keio so it's kind of hard..."

"You didn't went to Keio at the end?!" Masaki lifted his head with disbelief. He was talking all the time about having to go there, his father expected that...

"At the end...?" Sho asked with an unreadable face.

"Ah I'm sorry...I mean... Keio is a really well-known college, who doesn't want to go there?" Masaki tried to cover his failure, giving the change of the money to the boy.

"Ah...well, now you know someone who doesn't" Sho laughed and Masaki felt like he was about to break. "Anyway, I need to be going... thank you for not make a bad face about this stupid customer talking nonsense. I don't do this usually" Sho smiled and took his bag with the bento and the coke before heading to the konbini's door, waving is hand. "I'll come again!"

I can't anymore... having him here...so close... and knowing I can't touch him anymore, kiss him anymore... it's like a knife in my heart.

Masaki didn't bother on say anything to the other employee who arrived late. As soon as Nino came to pick him up he dragged him into a family restaurant, just few steps away of the konbini. After they ordered some food, Nino was the one to speak first.

"What is it Aiba-shi? Spit it out."

"Sho... came to the konbini... yesterday... and today too." Masaki managed to whisper, drinking the glass of water in one go after saying it.

"What?! Did he recognize you? Did he come to see you?" Nino was surprised and without a second though he extended his hand to cover the younger's one over the table.

"No... he's just a customer... but it hurts Nino. It hurts to see him... as handsome and bright as always, happy while he doesn't remember nothing about me... not the good memories either..." Aiba couldn't swallow the pain anymore and he started to cry as soon as he was done talking, grabbing Nino's hand as a lifesaving.

"Have you thought about to change your work shift...?" Nino's gaze was deep and worried but he tried to understand the feelings of the younger.

"It's impossible with the uni... and... and even if it hurts I want to see him... I was so happy when he came yesterday..." Masaki said while sobbing and trying to clean his tears with his free hand.

"Yeah, happy, that's why you came to college this morning with your swollen eyes as if you were crying all night..." The older sighted.

"Nino he was my first... my only, you know it..."

"But you're going to end hurt and empty again"

Masaki showed a bittersweet smile, looking into Nino's eyes.

 "I am already hurt and empty since that day..."

The next days passed as if they were a repetition. Masaki went to college, after classes he went to work... and every day, around the same hour, Sho walked into the store. Sometimes he bought something, others just greeted Aiba before or after his kendo's lesson.
It was weird, that mix of pain and warmth in his chest, the feeling that made him want to run away... and to hug him tightly at the same time. But he was unwilling to let it go.

He went away that time, because he thought that the fact that Sho couldn't remember him was a signal for them. He thought he wasn't the one for him. But this time... Sho came as the destiny wanted to give him a second chance...

"Are you free today after work?" Sho asked suddenly, leaning on the counter, smiling since the store was empty that afternoon.

"A-ah?"  Masaki shook his head, with an apologetic expression. "I need to finish one thing... for college..." He mumbled, his eyes staring at the counter.

"I see...then would you mind if I walk you home when your shift is over?" Sho's voice didn't lost his joyful tone.

"But you don't know where I live... neither my full name" Masaki lifted his head finally. "Why would you want to do that?"

"You don't know my name neither, but you are thinking about my propose, right?" Sho smiled playfully. "I'm Sakurai Sho, nice to meet you..."

"Masaki, Aiba Masaki." He answered faster than he wanted to. But he was dying to hear his name again on that lips...

"We seem to be the same age, Is it ok if I call you Masaki? You can call me just Sho"

Granted his wish, Masaki was silent for a while, and Sho made a weird face.

"Should I take that for a no...?"

"No! I mean yes! Nice to meet you Sho!" Masaki's words came out as a waterfall, trying to hide -without success- the joy he was feeling, ignoring the warning his brain was giving him. You shouldn't be happy because of this, you should stay away. "I live kind of far from here... but I'll let you walk me to the station"


A/N: Well this is my first chaptered fic! I accept good criticism in order to improve ;)
And I hope you all like the history! ♥
Please be gentle, neither me or my beta [livejournal.com profile] hinode91 have english as our first language. So I'm sorry for the possible mistakes!

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