Aug. 17th, 2014

Hi LJ.

Aug. 17th, 2014 11:31 pm
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I hope everyone can see this...because I don't really understand this social media and above all I don't like it -.-'' I'm doing this because I need to(?) (Livejournal team, would you read this? I'm sorry T3T(?))

This is a presentation about me... I'm Heavenly! Or Estefanía, it depends if you want to use my internet name or my real name. I'm from Canary Islands, a really boring paradise that belongs to Spain, and I'm an Arashi lover. Arashi fan. Arashist. Well I love Arashi (?)

I'm here in LJ because I don't understand japanese so I need Arashi and other things subs to really enjoy shows... it's funny just watching but more when you can understand it xDD

I LOVE music, all types, I'm always looking for some new music and in my ipod you can find songs from 80's to present from all countries and genres (From Disney to... Linkin park for example(?)) but I listen Jpop the most. Arashi, AAA, Aya Kamiki, Kana Nishino...
I love doramas and I spend some of my free time crying with them xD Books and photography are others of my hobbies...

And I think that's all. SInce I did this I'm wondering if somebody is going to read this (?) Buuut...
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I swear to all of you that I spent more than one hour for write and post the last entry -.-'' Ugh how I hate this site. I really didn't know what to write or how to post... I needed to do it two times, because first I don't know why LJ asked me to "post" in another community, and I wanted to do it in mine... T_T Yeah, I'm clumsy and this site makes me feel I'm even more clumsy than usual, and I hate to feel like that xD That's the reason number one.

Reason numer two is I'm not good with any social media and this is the worst of all. I think is just...ugly, the style is ugly (Is there something to change at least the colors??) the things are really bad located, I can't find nothing. I just don't know where is anything.
I just know where I need to check the communities and friends news (and at first I had all of them in chrome favourites to check them one by one!!) My friends didn't use it neither (I swear that my friends from here even don't know what livejournal ) so I can't find any reasons to stay here more than that I need fansubs (?)

And that's what leads me to reason 3... I don't find livejournal useful. You can say that the other two reasons have solution but I'm not really interested in this site so I don't want to spent so much time here feeling uncomfortable.The only benefit I have staying here is entering to communities to enjoy the subs. I really appreciate the effort that subbers do with their work, so I just comment to them to say "thanks" because it's not so much compared to the work they do in their free time to fans and because I'm really thankful, of course! -.-''

Extra reason: WHERE ARE THE EMOJIS????


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