Dec. 10th, 2015

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Title : I Remember You
Author : [ profile] heavenly23
Rating : G
Pairing :Sakuraiba
Genre: Romance, Fluffy, Angst, Smut (In future chapters), AU
Lenght: Chaptered
Chapter: 2/?
Summary: Sho had an accident and all his memories from the time he was dating Masaki disappeared. He had to step aside, and start his life without him but Masaki never forgot Sho. One day, Sho came into the store where Masaki is working as a part-time employee. Can it be destiny?
Beta: hinode91 (Aby) Thank you for all your help and for encouraging me!

It makes me so happy that it hurts. You looking for me when I was trying to stay away from you...I could cry right now Sho-chan... )

A/N:  Second Chapter! I was in the mood for a fluffy date...and Masaki deserved a sweet moment after all the pain he has inside! ♥ ~ I hope you like it (^3^)
A/N 2: Both "Baia" and "SakuSho" are names that people called Aiba & Sho when they were younger! I think it fits for a LINE nickname!!
(Aby's idea to be honest... I couldn't think about good names xD)

Please be gentle, neither me or my beta hinode91 have english as our first language. So I'm sorry for the possible mistakes!


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