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Title : I Remember You
Author : [livejournal.com profile] heavenly23
Rating : G
Pairing :Sakuraiba
Genre: Romance, Fluffy, Angst, Smut (In future chapters), AU
Lenght: Chaptered
Chapter: 2/?
Summary: Sho had an accident and all his memories from the time he was dating Masaki disappeared. He had to step aside, and start his life without him but Masaki never forgot Sho. One day, Sho came into the store where Masaki is working as a part-time employee. Can it be destiny?
Beta: hinode91 (Aby) Thank you for all your help and for encouraging me!

"I'll let you walk me to the station" Those words seemed nothing, just 15 minutes of walking on the street until he said goodbye and saw Masaki going inside the train, but for Sho they were a big step forward. He liked Masaki since the first time he saw him, so those minutes were precious time he waited impatiently every day.

Masaki enjoyed those moments too, but couldn't help feeling sad every night when he arrived home. He felt like he was lying to Sho day after day, letting him get closer without saying anything about the past... Was it fair?

But all his doubts were dispelled the next day when he looked at Sho's smile.

That day, his co-worker seemed to come later than ever. But Sho didn't seemed bored, in fact he seemed really focused on choosing a new instant ramen flavour for that night. Masaki couldn't help but laugh as he walked through the hall and squatted at his side.

"May I help you sir?" Masaki asked with a playful tone.

"Please. I have a very serious issue right now..." Sho looked at the younger smiling shyly.

"It's so difficult to choose between miso or kimchi ramen?"

Sho denied it and took both on his hands, but still seemed troubled. "No it's just... there's something I want to ask..."

"The answer is yes, I bet you can eat both"  Masaki said jokingly but his smile changed into a worrying face when Sho looked at the store's floor. "Spit it out, then"

"Would you...would you go on a date with me Masaki?" Sho mumbled with a quiet voice without even lifting his head. He was usually straightforward but sometimes, with Masaki...

The younger ended with his ass on the floor, caught by surprise.

"D-date...?"  Images from the first time Sho asked him out came into his mind, and he felt a burning pain inside his heart. But he needed to answer, or say something, because Sho was looking at him like a puppy.

"Yes a date. You know like going out together, do something fun..."

"I know what a date is!" Masaki couldn't help but laugh, and even if he felt a little guilty, he nodded, getting up. "I'll go" he said before going back to his place behind the counter.

Sho got up too, excited and he followed him to pay his food, grabbing some drinks too. "Then...  Are you free this weekend?"

"I already have plans for Saturday but Sunday will be ok for me. Where do you want to go?"

"I thought about Yokohama... I'll make a plan! Let's exchange our numbers and I'll send you a message!"

Masaki felt like someone was punching his stomach, but he forced a smile and wrote down Sho's number, sending an emoji in order to let Sho know his.

"I'll take you to Yokohama for a date. It's my favourite place in the world! And you know I traveled a lot with my parents... I'll live there someday, with you" He still remember that words Sho said to him days before the accident.

I can't go there with you... Sho-chan I'm sorry...

That was his only though as he changed his clothing when finally his co-worker arrived. And he was still thinking about the best excuse when they were heading to the station.

"...it'll be fun, right Masaki?" Sho was asking him...something.

"Sorry... What were you saying?" Masaki asked ashamed.

" I said that went to Chinatown in Yokohama will be fun... there's a lot of food and we can go to Cosmo World after that..."

The disappointed look in Sho's eyes just because Masaki wasn't listening, was something Masaki couldn't bear with. The fear started to grow on Masaki's heart. What if he gave an excuse to not go and he lost him again? What if he would never go to the store after that?
"Of course it'll be fun! We're going to have a great day!" Masaki smiled, trying to be cheerful.

Sho's smile was the best reward he could have...  I could really go to hell and everything will be ok for that smile...

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

SakuSho: "Can we meet on Shibuya station at 12:00 tomorrow?"

The LINE message came on Saturday morning when Masaki was playing with his phone, lying on Nino's couch and he almost dropped it on the floor.

"Be careful Masaki! You almost make me lose this battle!"

Masaki ignored his friend, answering the message with a little smile on his face. He was some kinda nervous... Should he really say yes...?

Baia: I'll be there! (*^^*) There's something I need to bring with me?"

SakuSho: "I'm really waiting for it. And don't worry you just need to bring yourself!"

Baia: "I'm waiting for it too (^3^)"

They exchanged a few of innocent messages more before Sho said he had to go, so that way Masaki focused his attention on his friend again, who was playing a video game since that morning.

"Nino...why did you told me to come if you will spend your day playing...?"

"I just wanted you to make food for us"

Masaki sighted, slightly amused, but he should have already know. Anyway he didn't want to be alone that day, or letting the bad feelings conquer his mind so soon he was sitting next Nino, taking one of the controllers.

"I'll help you"

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Even when Masaki went to bed early that Saturday night, he slept just a few hours before his alarm rang. He was way too excited and nervous and he couldn't sleep that much thinking about the date. He still had that bittersweet feeling, thinking that he was probably betraying his old love.

After a calming shower, he chose his outfit for that day. He couldn't help being excited, and he wanted to look as attractive as possible, so he took a pair of black jeans, a really light grey sweater with a short V neck and a camel parka with fur hood. A pair of black boots completed his look, and he was pretty satisfied when he looked into the mirror.

He wanted to arrive soon at the station, so he just took his belongings and left the house.
In fact...maybe he was too excited to really think about how much it would take to arrive to Shibuya because when he finally arrived, it was way too early. It was just 11.

I think I arrived too soon... I should look for a coffee or something and wait...

He was looking for a coffee shop, going upstairs to exit the station when he spotted Sho, sitting on a bench just in front of the station entrance.  Why is him here already...?

Sho wore a dark red turtle neck sweater with dark blue jeans and a black coat with a pair of black military boots. He was stupidly handsome... and since Sho always wear jeans, parkas and hoodies, Masaki knew for sure he was doing his best to look good for him.
But he seemed nervous. The always-really-cool Sakurai was obviously looking everywhere without a stop. Masaki doubted about approaching him or just wait... but at the end, he walked directly to him.

"You arrived really early..." Masaki said instead of a simple 'hello'.

Sho lifted his head to look at the boy above him, and stood up immediately almost hitting him.

"G-good morning! You too... I... I was too excited to stay at home... so I decided to wait for you here..."

"Then you are lucky " Masaki smiled shyly.

"I am!" Sho almost shouted, and he grinned so widely that his eyes almost disappeared from his face.

He's still the most adorable boy I ever met...

It was still early, so both decided to take a coffee together before getting into the train, and they entered a near by Starbucks, that was yet full with Christmas decorations. Stars and light's curtains on the windows ... candy canes and candles in every table and a big Christmas tree stuck out at the back of the room. While Sho stood up in line to get the coffees, Masaki entertained himself watching the christmas cups the franchise had to sold.

Not too much later, both boys took a seat near the windows, and Masaki smiled touching carefully the lights on it with one hand, the other grabbing the warm cup of coffee.

"You look so beautiful making that face..."

"U-uh? What face...?" Masaki looked away bitting his bottom lip. The fact Sho was calling him beautiful took him by surprise, and he really didn't know how to answer to that. But since Sho remained in silence he raised his head and looked at him. "S-stop looking at me like that... you're making me feel nervous Sho-chan..." Masaki complained without realizing the way he was calling him.

"So I make you feel nervous... that's good for me...And I even got you calling me Sho-chan. I made a good job" Sho smiled, confident and happy, sipping his coffee.

That smile... that kind of acting... That was his old Sho-chan the same Sho-chan he fell in love with more than a year ago... he couldn't help but calling him like that again. Hiding behind the cup, Masaki looked at the table like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"You... don't mind... if I call you like that...?"

"Of course not. In fact I like it" Sho leaned on the table, to be close to the younger, whispering without taking his eyes off him "That makes me feel you very close..."

Masaki shivered, hypnotized by Sho's eyes.

"Shouldn't we go get the train now?"  He said whispering, shakily and drank all the remaining coffee on his cup in one go.

Sho nodded, enjoying the sight of Masaki's nervousness and finished his cup too before leaving the Starbucks with him. They walked into the station, and got into the train sitting together, in silence. It was kind of silence that makes you feel warm and comfortable. Something weird for a first date.

But that silence was making Masaki feel kinda sad, because all his memories and his feelings were screaming him to take Sho's hand into his. So he was the one breaking the silence first.

"Sho-chan... you said... the first time we talked..." That 'first' hurt like fire in his throat. Another lie. " You didn't wanted to go Keio... then what are you doing? The only thing I know about you is... you have kendo lessons on afternoons"

"Ah...about that...I'm studying Political Science and Economics on Waseda University... My father wanted me to go to Keio, but at the end...it was like he was buying me a title..."

Masaki opened his eyes widely.

"I'm studying at Waseda too! Well not in the same faculty...I'm studying Education..."

"Uhm, I know, I saw you around the campus... And I'm always looking for you on sport events... To be honest, I was so happy to met you on the store because I never had the courage to talk with you before"

Masaki was left without words and when the train arrived to Yokohama station he rushed out the train.

"I said...something bad?"  Sho asked once he was again next to the younger.

"No just... That makes me happy..."

It makes me so happy that it hurts. You looking for me when I was trying to stay away from you...I could cry right now Sho-chan...

Sho just smiled sweetly, and took Masaki's hand on his own, feeling the warm and smoothness of the boy's skin, without saying nothing, pulling him to walk outside the station. The port city was bright since the sun was shining. The temperature was nice, but still a little bit cold.

"What should we do first...?" Sho said with a cheerful voice. "I'm hungry so I suggest we could go first visit Chinatown and eat something on the food stalls"

"Chinese food? It's my favourite food! My parents have a Chinese restaurant on Chiba, and I really love it..."

"Then it's a deal!"

Both boys started to walk on the streets, since Chinatown was just a few minutes from there. Sho was really excited about the city, even when the most simple things, pointing at them for Masaki like a kid.

"See! We have to go later. Landmark tower...There is the Sky garden observatory... We should go Cosmo World before going back too!"
Masaki soon forgot his doubts about the date, and just focused on having fun with Sho. It was really a first time after all...  and he was enjoying the feeling. There was something special on how his heart would go faster because Sho was playing with him, rubbing the tips of his fingers with Masaki's hand, how the smile came to his face naturally when their eyes meet...

When they finally arrived to the entrance of Chinatown, a big chinese styled door colored on red, blue and gold, announcing the name of the street like it wasn't obvious, both boys laughed about the environment. It was nothing, but the joy of the people on the street talking loud, the beautiful decorations, chinese lanterns and colorful streamers chained about their heads, the smell of food in the air... They went ahead, and Sho's heart skipped a beat when Masaki grabbed the sleeve of his coat to not lose him into the crowd.

Not too much later both were sharing nikuman, laughing and talking freely while walking. Sho leaned to Masaki, cleaning a little bit of meat that was stick to his bottom lip. The younger smiled shyly with Sho's touch. He was so... natural with him. Every touch seemed normal, like they have been always together.

They shared different foods and Masaki could see something that he missed a lot too, Sho eating like he was the happiest man alive. Everything that Sho said, or did brought him memories. Sho was doing his best to make Masaki laugh and enjoy the date, with bad jokes and random data about the food they were eating. And that was something that scares Masaki the most. Sho was making him fall in love with him again. It was like discovering him for the first time, and even when his heart always loved Sho and he never forgot him, his feelings were now getting deeper and deeper with every gesture.

I really missed him so much...

"Let's take a walk around Landmark plaza until sunset? I want to see it on the Ferris Wheel!"

Sho made a scared face and talked with a high pitched voice.

"No! We could go to the observatory tho... there's a glass wall between me and... the air"

"Heeh...you're afraid of heights Sho-chan..?"

Masaki faked his answer, joking with him. Of course he knew about it.

"May...maybe. Why it seems so funny for you?" Sho was the one looking away this time, embarrassed.

"Because I know you will get on it with me... since it's a date, and it will be beautiful. Don't worry I'll be with you!"

Sho sighed but nodded, surrendering, and when Masaki was about to start walking again, Sho took his hand and put it on his pocked, squeezing it slightly.

"This is the price you have to pay for that..." Sho said in a whisper, with half of a smile peering on his lips.

Masaki said nothing, but got close to Sho's arm, walking slowly while enjoying the scent that came from the older's body. His perfume was the same he used to had in the past, and he felt the need to bury his face into his neck. The moment was so perfect that Masaki really forgot they were surrounded by people, and placed his lips on Sho's shoulder gently when they stopped to look a storefront.

Sho's body trembled, and his voice broke a little bit, eyes stucked on the glass, asking the younger in a low tone if he wanted to go inside the store. Masaki declined, the afternoon was turning colder and the sun was about to hide on the sea.

"We should go and buy the tickets for the Ferris Wheel now..."

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After a long queue to get the tickets, and another long one to get into the Ferris Wheel, both boys finally entered on a cab, sitting next to each other. Since Sho was really scared, sweating and really anxious, Masaki placed his head on his shoulder taking the older's hand into his own. When the cab began to move, he started whispering relaxing words.
Masaki remembered the first time they went to an amusement park, just because he wanted to. How they tried the roller coaster and how sick Sho was after it, and a twinge of guilt pierced his heart again.

But once again he just swallowed it, and looked outside. A second chance...just...a second chance.

The lights of the city were already on, and the sun was almost completely hidden behind the sea. The light inside the cab was disappearing too, covering them into a semi darkness. The only thing that could be heard around was Sho's breathing, slowly getting calm. When he finally took the courage to open his eyes and look outside, they were half way to the top.

"Isn't it the most beautiful sight?" Masaki asked smiling. "You couldn't miss this view of your favourite city Sho-chan"

Sho remained silence for a while, placing his free hand on the glass  with a smile on his face. It was scary, but it was precious. Sharing that time with Masaki, and having that feeling...

"Thank you..." Were the only words Sho said, before he turned to face the younger. "For this...and the date too... I really wanted to bring you here. The most beautiful man needs to be on the most beautiful place..."

Sho leaned to Masaki, getting closer to his face, looking into the younger's eyes. Masaki instinctively closed them. He knew what was about to happen and his body tensed up. Sho looked down, to his lips, and breathed slowly before closing his eyes...

A/N:  Second Chapter! I was in the mood for a fluffy date...and Masaki deserved a sweet moment after all the pain he has inside! ♥ ~ I hope you like it (^3^)
A/N 2: Both "Baia" and "SakuSho" are names that people called Aiba & Sho when they were younger! I think it fits for a LINE nickname!!
(Aby's idea to be honest... I couldn't think about good names xD)

Please be gentle, neither me or my beta hinode91 have english as our first language. So I'm sorry for the possible mistakes!

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