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Title : I Remember You
Author : [livejournal.com profile] heavenly23
Rating : NC-17
Pairing :Sakuraiba
Genre: Romance, Fluffy, Angst, Smut, AU
Lenght: Chaptered
Chapter: 3/4
Summary: Sho had an accident and all his memories from the time he was dating Masaki disappeared. He had to step aside, and start his life without him but Masaki never forgot Sho. One day, Sho came into the store where Masaki is working as a part-time employee. Can it be destiny?
Beta: hinode91 (Aby) Thank you for all your help and for encouraging me!


"No...no it's not that" Masaki exhaled and pressed himself against the older mumbling "I-I want you..." )

A/N: I'm sorry for being freaking late! I know it's been two weeks, but real life is tough xD College, Christmas, Christmas Shopping...and a lack of inspiration. I wanted to publish for Masaki's bday and Christmas but it was impossible at the end. But expect the next chapter and an OS soon!

A/N 2: Some interesting cards are now on the table! I hope you liked how the story is developing!

Please be gentle, neither me or my beta [livejournal.com profile] hinode91 have english as our first language. So I'm sorry for the possible mistakes!

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Title : Teach Me How To Rap
Author : Heavenly23
Rating : NC-17
Pairing :Sakuraiba
Genre: Smut
Lenght: One-shot

Summary: Aiba has problems with the rap of his new solo and wanted Sho to teach him.

Special thanks to my amazing beta Hinode91 !

"Teach me how to rap, Sho-chan..." )


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